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Wreck your Halloween party with the Kim K “tied up and robbed” costume

Every year there is always a couple of costumes that end up getting people fired and socially shamed. There were the girls who dressed up as the ‘Twin Towers’ on fire. A couple of years ago there was the girl who busted out the “Boston Marathon bomb victim” outfit. Well this year, the fucked up costumes have started a little early!

Besides the debates, the whole Kim Kardashian robbery story has been blowing up social media feds. Costumeish has created a costume that is for sure to piss off people. And it is for the low low price of $69.99.


The costume is complete with a “white short sexy robe” and black wig, sunglasses, a gag, and a replica 4.5 million ring. Although they never call her by name, the costume is called “Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit”.

It is going to be tough to be able to have a costume which will be more offensive then this, but there is still over a month till Halloween weekend!

H/T NY Mag



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