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Watch Oakland brochacho go full 5 star and run from cops on go-kart!

Call it real life Grand Theft Auto and he has hit the full 5 stars!

Last Sunday in Oakland, a man was caught running from the cops on a go-kart on the California highway. Not only does he have the cops right on his ass, but he also has a fan base on the side cheering him on.

According to the twitter post, a lot of go-karts and dirt bikes come together and ride around Oakland. This dad was at the end of the pack and caught all the heat.

Tonka Dre on Twitter

@shaylyn625 Sure basically this chase happened on a Sunday every so often guys meet up to ride dirt bikes and go karts around Oakland

Tonka Dre on Twitter

@shaylyn625 this particular person on the go kart was the slowest and the last in the pack and that’s why he was being chased by police

He went straight zero-fucks and that can be appreciated. Check out the videos below and someone hand this guy a beer!

Man Evades Police in Go Kart

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Tonka Dre on Twitter

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H/T Tonka_Boy_Dre

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