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Martin Lawrence on his new comedy special, stand up, and Bad Boys 3?!

Martin Lawrence has done it all. Top tier comedian. Creator and star of one of the top shows of the 90’s. Big movie star. Still… he isn’t done. We had an opportunity to speak with Martin Lawrence about his past, his latest comedy special Martin Lawrence: Doin’ Time, and may other topics.

First off, this is Martin’s return to the comedy stage after a 14 year hiatus. When asked why such the long break, Martin said, “I needed time to live life. I raised my kids and went through a divorce and things like that. Those are tough things in your life that you need to take time for and to heal. I was taking time to myself”

It wasn’t an easy road for him to get back into sync and become a traveling comedian again. “It was all or nothing. Once I decided I was going to do it, I had to embrace it and everything that goes with it. Going back on the road, tour, getting up hours early,  going to bed late… just had to have fun with it.”

When you watch the special , and even in the trailer for the special below, you see the physicality of his performance. He is constantly running up and down and making hilarious faces. Speaking on his physicality, Martin explained, “It is very important and helps get the message out much clearer. People can physically see and I can express it more. I love being physical and when you have that big audience, you have to project more and get animated.”

Martin Lawrence: Doin’ Time: Uncut (2016) Official Trailer

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Beyond his special, we talked more about comedy in general and the current status of comedy. Martin is excited for the new guys at the top of comedy. “I’m a fan of Kevin Hart. He is great, doing his thing, and taking advantage of every opportunity he is given. I think he is helping take comedy in the direction it needs to go, and that is up.”

We weren’t going to be able to not bring up the question that everyone wants to ask, Bad Boys 3. He explained how they are trying to get everything in line. “We working on it. Everyone is talking. Studio is happy where we at right now. Will seems to be happy where we at. They are trying to get the script together and we are happy the direction they going. We looking at maybe a March start date.”

Martin also talked about his legacy and how he wants to be looked at in the future. “My comedic legacy, I want to go down as one of the funniest people to ever make you laugh and did it in all areas of the game. TV, movies, radio, stand up. Just want to be known as one of the best.”

Martin’s new comedy special has now dropped on DVD and digital download. Check it out and enjoy the laughs!


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