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Legend Football League Player Attempts Beer Chug And… whelp…

Legends Football League has been around since 2009. You may remember it from its original name, the Lingerie Football League.

The latest big clip from the league is courtesy of Chicago Bliss saftey Theresa Petruziello. She was named Game MVP on the one sided molly-whop 76-0 on the Omaha Heart. Chicago is undefeated and headed to the conference semi’s.

With a big win and in the name of tradition, the Game MVP is supposed to slam a beer like Stone Cold Steve Austin.


The tradition was started with Chicago Bliss Quarterback Heather ‘Rockstar’ Furr years ago and may very well have ended after today.

Lets save everyone and show a true champion chug. This was done by Chicago Bliss free safety Alli Alberts and… now I am in love!

Well atleast Petruziello has some time to practice before the next game. If they bring home the championship, she can’t be worse then Kevin Durant!

Oscar OC
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