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Check out this working snow blower…made of LEGOs!

Who doesn’t love LEGOs?! They were the best! My parents and I would manage to put together whatever box set once, then I would totally destroy it and move on to the next toy. To add insult to injury, I would leave those tiny fuckin pieces all around my room. As my parents would come in, they would inevitably step on them and scream in pain. A pain that would make you believe they stepped on a land mine.


A smarter group, known as The Brick Wall, has been using all those pieces to make a lot of different machines. There newest impressive machine, the snowblower, has ran through snow like Scarface.

Not only is it made of LEGOs, but it actually works! So hit up the parents and have them bust out your old LEGOs saved in the attic… or get a teenager to clear it out.

How my son shovels from r/funny

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