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Check out Christie Brinkley’s 19 yr old daughter and her “SI Swimsuit” footage

Christie Brinkley is truly something special. At 63, she still looks to be visiting the fountain of youth. It has been almost 40 years since she was on the cover of SI Swimsuit Edition. For 2018, a newer Brinkley is making the rounds.

Meet Sailor Brinkley, Christie’s young and beautiful 19-year-old daughter. She is being covered for the 2018 SI Swimsuit Rookie Class. Other models included this year are Chase Cater, Robin Holzken, and Alexis Ren.

The editor for SI Swimsuit, MJ Day, has labeled her the “millennial girl next door” and these shots prove it.

Check out some of the coverage below and add her on Instagram.

🦇 @si_swimsuit 🌋

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We got @yutsai88 on photo, @jrugg8 on hair, and me on the rocks 😎 @si_swimsuit

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I’ve spent the majority of my life fighting against myself and my body. I dont have double D boobs or a big butt. My legs arent miles long and when i sit my stomach has little rolls. I dont wear makeup. I feel most myself in sweatpants and nikes. I love to run and box and play sports and sweat. I’m never going to be as tall as a supermodel (unless i have a crazy growth spurt, that would be fun lol) I’m also never going to be short and petite or dainty and uber feminine. There are a lot of things i’ve been told i should be in my life. Theres also a lot of things i’ve been told i shouldn’t be in my life. But i’ve come to realize (and i know this sounds cheesy but arent all cheesy sayings super true?).. that the only thing I can be is the best version of myself. Whatever that might be. I’m here for ANY one who has ever cried in front of the mirror and thought what they saw wasn’t good enough. I’m here for any one struggling to love themselves. I’m here for the tomboy girls who have ever been told to act more “lady like”. I’m here for the women with small breasts who think they can’t feel sexy because of mainstream beauty ideals. I’m here for any one currently fighting or that have gotten past an eating disorder. I understand. I’m here for any one who’s wanted to give up on themselves but chose to keep going. My biggest hope is that i can positively represent anyone who identifies with these things… on the pages of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED!!! 💪🏽 Thank you @mj_day and @si_swimsuit for giving me this opportunity and believing in me as an individual. I love you guys with my full whole heart!! Thank you mama @christiebrinkley for passing down your legacy, you open these doors for me but i promise to be gracious, grateful, kind and work twice as hard to keep those incredible doors open. Thank you to every single person who supports me i am SO beyond lucky. THANK U THANK U THANK U!!!!!! @ospedales IM A ROOKIE!!!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️ Gotta go to class now and try not to bounce off the walls 🤦🏼‍♀️ lol ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ (Also while i have your attention please go to the link in my bio and donate to hurricane relief!)

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Thanks for today @extratv !!!!! @si_swimsuit ♥️💙💚💖💜

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