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Ready for the future of vitamins? Check out ORB wellness

What has been the last BIG change in vitamins? Gummies?! ORB is set on making the next big step. They announced today that they will be dropping a new intelligent, futuristic line of vitamins. ORB brings a diverse portfolio covering seven key benefits anchored in their Terra Intelligent Dosing TM * system. The

Brochacho World Visits: New Orleans and Mardi Gras

This past weekend was Brodie's birthday. We took a trip to the Big Easy for 4 days. Below is some of the fun footage and some of the crazy antics that actually made it to the video. The others... stay in the Big Easy! Enjoy!

Brochacho World Visits: Terror Expo San Antonio

Brochacho World stepped out into a new world last weekend. A world filled with killers, zombies, and everything in between. We visited the first ever Terror Expo in San Antonio, Tx. This 3 day expo brought out some big horror film stars including Elvira, Tara Reid and Ian Ziering from Sharknado,

Brochacho World Visits: Tough Mudder

On Saturday, May 2nd, two of Brochacho's finest took on the Tough Mudder: Central Texas edition in Smithville, Texas. Leading up to the event, we did some outdoor running along with another mud run to get some training in. The previous mud run we did was completely amatuer compared to the

Brochacho World Visits: Coachella

After a year of planning and saving money, the time had come. It was time to make way to little Indio, CA and bask in everything that is the awesome... Coachella! DAY 1: Travel We planned on making the trip to Coachella a day early. Early Thursday in San Antonio, the weather


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