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‘Bad Lip Reading’ shows what Trump was really singing

At last nights's epic College Football Playoff Championship Game, President Donald Trump decided to make an appearance. His appearance was anything but lackluster. Below is an idea of the fanfare he received. A post shared by Bill Kaelin (@bill_kaelin) on Jan 8, 2018 at 6:14pm PST   Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough felt

Awww YEAAA, JWoww’s mansion is for sale, YEAAA!

Who would of thought, a show about a house full of meatballs and meatheads would kill the ratings game?! Correct, no one did. MTV's Jersey Shore went on to create many different quotes, memorable scenes, and new style trends. Jersey Shore Fist Pump GIF from Jerseyshore GIFs Another thing the show made was the

Free Deadpool tattoos… we think!

There is no such thing as bad advertising right?! Well the whole Deadpool franchise is taking it to the next level... with free tattoos! Previously, we saw the big Deadpool 2 spread. They are promoting this movie hard and in a completely different mind set compared to other movies. Sweet nuts and

Deadpool dropped a…teaser trailer?!

So it looks like Deadpool dropped something of a teaser trailer for Deadpool 2. It has Ryan Reynolds acting like a more drugged version of Bob Ross. Bob Ross did a lot of drugs right? Maybe that was just everyone else who watched him... besides my grandma. Besides all the art pieces that

ICYMI Thong song has a remix, video still hot AF

Lets go back to 1999. Life was easier for all of us. Our biggest decision was whether to get tatter tots or fries at lunch. We weren't getting our balls grabbed at the airports and everyone, from parents to young kids, was whistling and dancing to the "Thong Song." Well the


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