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Brochacho World talks with MTV Challenge:Rivals Camila Nakagawa

I have been a huge fan of MTV’s The Challenge show since its original airings back in the 2000’s. I am much like most fans. I dig the competition,while secretly discussing the on-goings and drama between cast mates with my friends. I am no Housewives of (insert city) fan, but I can jump into a deep conversation of who screwed over who and what had to be done for elimination rounds.

Brochacho World was given the opportunity to speak with one of the veterans and champions of the game, Camila Nakagawa. We broke down some burning questions about her challenge history, along with some business and non-profit work she does while not being filmed 24/7. Check out the interview below.


Brochacho World: The Challenge season started out with you jumping out of a plane. How was that experience? 

Camila Nakagowa: It was amazing. It is one of my favorite things to do in my life. So beautiful and peaceful. It was a great start to the show. Usually you jump right into the chaos of the show. This time we had some peace and quiet before getting into the house. It has been on my bucket-list for such a long period of my time.

BW: You and your sister had a blow out fight last season with Tony, which landed him as your partner on Rivals III. You showed a lot of emotion. How pissed were you to find out he was your teammate?

CN: I was very pissed. I don’t think I have been that pissed to be partnered with someone before. The fact that he was able to say what he said to my sister, you don’t say that to a girl period…but for someone to say that to my baby sister. It was his first challenage. For him to have the guts to mistreat my sister like that,let alone on the first night. I may have my arguments with people, overall we hash things out. I have never had someone do that to my sister in my entire life. It took a lot to try to forget and forgive.

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BW: Some of the fan favs about the shows are cast hook-ups. Are we going to see you giving “Smoochie Boochies” to some of the guys in the show? 

CN: I don’t know, I guess you will have to watch and see. I will say this… this was the first time I went on the show single in a very long time. That is all I can say.

BW: You have been in a ton of challenges. What is one of the funniest or favorite moments?

CN: One of my favorite moments is when I won the challenge. I was on the peak of a mountain in Iceland. I don’t think I ever felt a better feeling. No more satisfaction then that. It was so dangerous where we were, the helicopter almost couldn’t shoot. The fact I was able to climb that by foot by myself. I couldn’t believe it. I was so proud of myself.

BW: With your experience, what is your training for the show. Do you do any training while you are at the house?

CN: Before the show, they don’t give us a lot of notice. I played sports my whole life, so the gym isn’t my favorite thing. I like to be outdoors. I like to surf. I don’t like to do a gym routine. Once they tell us we are confirmed to go for the show, that is when I start going to the gym. I start getting a little more serious about my endurance. You never know what will be thrown at you. I like to get my body thinking a certain way before the shows. I don’t train to get stronger or faster or to lose weight or to look a certain way. I like to be the person that I am at that time in my life. If the person that I am isn’t working out every single day, then that is who I am. I like to get my body used to activities so that I don’t get hurt. I like to go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I like to get my eating a little more routine. When we get to the shows, we never know what we are going to eat. I like to fill my body with nutrients as much as I can before going. A lot of the times when we are there we don’t get to have all the nutrients that we need.

When on the show, I like to not worry about it. I do a little run and sweat sections here and there. It is such a different environment. I am already putting my body through so much stress I don’t think working out everyday while there is going to help.

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BW: So you are out there lacking nutrients… and then you add in the alcohol. What is your favorite drink to have in the house and when everyone goes out?

CN: My favorite thing to drink is either tequila or Jameson. In the house, we have cheap red or white wine and cheap vodka. The only time we get to drink what we want, is when we go out. We buy it ourselves, which means, those are the nights when things get crazy. All the fights and arguments are after nights we go out because we get to enjoy what we were drinking. Usually when in the house, all I drink is the red wine. That is why when we go out, the nights go a little crazier for me because I go from red wine to hardcore liquor.

BWYou are known as a petite beautiful little girl in the show, but you add some red wine and some whiskey now, and you go into a total rampage mode.

CN: That isn’t entirely true. I don’t just go crazy on people… unless they give me a reason. There is always a reason and sometimes they cut through all that and show the results and consequences, which is the “Camilinator”. I am a very passionate person and very fiery. I think alcohol has a impact with everyone differently.  It brings my strong personality out 100 X’s. Certain people know how to push my buttons. They know how to say things when I am in that mode that they know will piss me off. My biggest weakness is I don’t know when to back down. Once I go, I GO! I wish I knew how to stop it right there. It is really hard for me to know when to do that, especially when there is some tequila shots in me.

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BW: What goes through your mind on challenge days? If you had a bad day and end up in elimination, what goes through your mind before elimination rounds?

CN: The first thing that goes through my head is I need a bathroom. I have high anxiety as is, just how I am. When you put me in those situations, my anxiety goes through the roof. It is very draining, both mentally and emotionally. My first thought is to get it done. If it were up to me, I would go first for everything. Even when I am not in elimination, it is still draining and stressful. The only thing I try to think of is just do it. If I get to go later, I try to watch people before me and look for strategy. Once T.J. blows the horn, I stop thinking. I go blackout mode and do what I got to do. I don’t think about anyone else, I don’t think what anyone else is doing, unless you are my partner. Then before you know it, it is over. After challenge day and eliminations, you are very tired. It feels like you have done a full body work out.  

BW: So how does the challenge and elimination work. Are they on the same day?

CN: It depends. Sometimes we have them the same day. Sometimes they are next day. Some challenages take a full day to shoot. Some take over 10 hrs to shoot. There are times we leave at 6 in the morning and don’t get back till dawn. Other times, we still have to do the voting. Sometimes by the time we are done with that, it is the middle of the night. The games change too. Also, the producers like to change things up. All I am going to say is there is going to be more and more surprises. This season is full of surprises… there are no rules.

BW: You mention you are an entrepreneur and own a spa. How is that going and what are your future plans with that?

CN: I am co owner of it. It is called Clean Start Miami. It is a total body cleanse spa. We focus on holistic treatment for the body. Our main service are colonics. We have a beautiful machine that isn’t offered by many places. We have a yoga studio and herb shop. We just opened up another location in Atlanta. 

BW: You are also expanding into a docu-series in Brazil for the Olympics. What are some more details about that? 

CN: The goal is to go to Brazil and work with some non-profits to bring some awareness to what they are doing out there. They are using sports as an outlet to get the kids off the street. We are creating a mini olympics games. We are working with celebrities and athletes to come out to speak and play the games with us. We will be starting the funding soon. Stay posted with updates through all my social media.

BW: How did you get involved with that?

CN: I created it from scratch. I love working with non-profits. I have a huge passion for sports. I have played sports my entire life. I moved from Brazil when I was 12 years old. I didn’t speak any english. Sports was my outlet. There was so many times I felt like I didn’t belong, so I played sports every day of my life growing up. I went to college to play soccer for the University of Nebraska. That is when I went on spring break and MTV found me and asked me to do the challenge. Sports has always been my focus.

BW: UFC has a huge PPV in Brazil this weekend. Will you be watching? Can you say who your favorite fighters are? 

CN: Most likely. I love the UFC. We are actually talking with some fighters to come and talk for the docu-series. I cant say who my favorite fighter is when we are working with a few of them. The last thing I need is for a UFC fighter to want to come and beat me up, even though I think I could hold my own.

BW: Well add some wine and tequila in the mix and they can see what’s up!

CN: There is no holding the “Camilinator!”


Brochacho World has fallen in love with this Brazilian bombshell. Check out the MTV Challenge: Rivals III on Wednesday’s at 10/9C. Also be sure to check Camila out on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat… or the “Camilinator” may come for you!

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