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Awww YEAAA, JWoww’s mansion is for sale, YEAAA!

Who would of thought, a show about a house full of meatballs and meatheads would kill the ratings game?! Correct, no one did. MTV’s Jersey Shore went on to create many different quotes, memorable scenes, and new style trends.

Another thing the show made was the cast rich! The show allowed many of the characters to find different avenues and expand their brand. Pauly D went on to DJ in Vegas and open for Britney Spears. Snookie and JWoww went on with their own spin-off show, amply titled Snookie and JWoww.


JWoww’s days on Jersey Shore scored her a cool $100k to $130k per episode, while the spin-off brought in an awesome $175k per episode. Throw in her clothing line and book deal, she is worth an estimated $2.6-$3 million.

Well it looks like the J Shore dollars have been going to work! Her house is located in Toms River, New Jersey and was purchased for $685,000. 6 years and 2 kids later, she has thrown the the house on the market for a whooping $1.6 million. Check out the photos below and contact your realtor. Also, grab ya hairspray and tanning lotion because the reunion show of Jersey Shore drops in 2018!!


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