Legend Football League Player Attempts Beer Chug And… whelp…

Legends Football League has been around since 2009. You may remember it from its original name, the Lingerie Football League. The latest big clip from the

Ready For An Upgrade… Time For The Ultimate Golf Bag From Michelob ULTRA

Is your golf bag falling apart? Is it just time to step your golf game up? Well this bag may not make you play better,


Thought about visiting Burning Man? These girls will make you want to!

This year's Burning Man has finally wrapped and the event continues to be grow. The festival has continued to adapt and become more then just some music

Ready for the future of vitamins? Check out ORB wellness

What has been the last BIG change in vitamins? Gummies?! ORB is set on making the next big step. They announced today that they will be


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